Our Beekeeping

Glynn and Alissa have been beekeeping for over 10 years, firstly in Marlborough and now Canterbury, New Zealand.

Our bee hives are dotted around the Canterbury Plains and in Christchurch City.  Many of our hives support local Canterbury crop farmers who need bees to pollinate their crops, and in turn supply our bees with nectar rich pollens.

We only supply 100% raw and natural honey - unpasteurised and unfiltered just as the honey bees made it.

In addition to honey, Kirwee Bees also hand-make small batches of Bee Rich Balm body cream using only of pure beeswax, almond oil water and water, and lip balms with a hint of essential oils.

We make and supply full depth and ¾ depth bee boxes, feeding boxes and nucs for hobbyist beekeepers. Our information classes are an opportunity for new and experienced beekeepers to learn beekeeping skills from each other.